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New Beginnings

A new beginning can inspire a fresh perspective. Many new beginnings can inspire many fresh perspectives. I’m grateful for the new epiphanies, lessons, and perspectives that I have received in the short amount of time since moving to San Francisco in June.

I realized that the past 5 years of my life has been a handful of ideologies stuck in a comfortable box. Actually, I’d say even longer than that; but for the sake of self awareness, I’ll keep it at 5 years.

I pledge to never get comfortable again. Comfort for me may be different than comfort for you. I don’t want to offend anyone with their idea of comfort and what they enjoy. However, for me, comfort is a road to stagnation. In order for me to thrive with happiness I need to consistently improve and discover. Comfort is counter-productive to those ideas; at least for me.

I’ve reset a lot of things in the past month:

  • New city
  • New...

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Our chance to live on, or slowly recede into history as a community.

One of the most signifying perspectives at the end of thinking back on GoGaRuco was the tone of our community becoming old news. “Why Hasn’t Ruby Won” by Sarah Mei really hit a strong note with me. We made our strides, and now we’re receding into history.

Is this our ultimate fate? Possibly. Can we make a difference? Yes.

We’ve reached a point where the innovation trends are happening outside of our bubble. If we continue with settling with what we have then Ruby and Rails will recede into a comfortable zone and stay around just like PHP.

We need to embrace other languages and perspectives now. We need to scout out how other people do things and let that inspire us to bring it back to the Ruby community to let it flourish the way it needs in order to make a name for itself in the future.

Learn how other communities are solving old problems, or new problems, and bring it back to the...

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